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Clash Royale Private Server Unlimited Server For Free

Clash Royale Private Server Unlimited Server For Free

Clash Royale Private Server Unlimited Server For Free ~ Currently on the internet there are already many Clash Royale Private Server. This is because this game is very popular among mobile game lovers. The existence of limitations in this game finally makes people find ways to Private Server this game so they can play more freely and can apply a better strategy.
Since coming out in early 2016, this game immediately busy discussed even been directly downloaded to more than 50 million users. Because of the popularity of this game, there is even a special competition made.

clash royleYou could say this game is the successor of the Clash Of Clan is no less popular. Perhaps it is also one of the success factors of the Clash Royale game, because this game is drafted like Clash Of Clan which was already popular. It’s just in this Clash Royale game, Supercell as a developer to make a new gameplay is more fun to play.
Gameplay from Clash Royale is like combining several genres like realtime strategy, tower defense and also card game. As a player you will be equipped with a card deck (card) where the card serves to mensummon certain characters that you can use to destroy the enemy tower.
Elixir function.
But to be able to use each card, you need elixir. Elixir has been provided specifically by the developer as much as 10 Elixir each game. The sum of these 10 elixirs will remain until you are at the highest level though.
In every game, you can only see your own Elixir and can not see the enemy Elixir. There is one MOD feature of Clash Royale Private Server to show the number of Elixir enemies.
By knowing the enemy Elixir, you can strategize even better by taking into account the number of enemy elixir. There are many advantages that you can get just by looking at the number of elixir opponents.
How to Private Server show rival elixir.
For those of you who are curious how to Private Server in order to show the enemy elixir, here’s a little review.
1. First, root your Android first. You can search for rooting tutorials, there are many on the Internet. But the risk is, your Android will lose the manufacturer’s warranty.
2. Once Android is rooted, download Xmodgames APK. This device will be responsible for Private Servering Clash Royale account to show eixir enemy.
3. Once downloaded, open this application your Android lifted. Find the game Clash Royale, then click the game.
4. You will be in the next step. After that click “Update or Install First”. After that click “Launch” button. Wait a while until the installation is complete, after the Clash Royale application will open automatically.
5. When the Clash Royale app opens, you’ll find Xbot. Tap the Xbot.
6. After you tap the Xbot, you will see some options menu. Select the “Show Rival Elixir” menu. Tap the menu and you will be able to see the enemy Elixir in the next battle.
Some people think Clash Royale Private Server is useless because it only shows the enemy Elixir. But others feel this Private Server is very useful because it can help run the battle strategy to be more effective.
For those of you who have a tendency to play a strategy to defeat enemies in Clash Royale games, using this Private Servering method can be very helpful and very useful to win the game. Good luck trying to use the Private Server method hopefully help.

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